A report on the roman monument the pantheon

The sixteen monolithic columns are made of red and gray granite and the shafts stand 40 Roman feet tall. Not an easy feat to bring them from Egypt to Rome, these monolithic structures were likely transported on barges along the Nile river and across the Mediterranean sea to Rome — an ancient Roman engineering feat it itself considering an obelisk weighed hundreds of tons.

Pantheon, Rome

Even by the yearthere was uncertainty about the origin of the building and its purpose: The Pantheon proved an important influence for the great Renaissance architect Andrea Palladioas well as countless architects who followed, in Europe and beyond.

The particular design of the Pantheon, including the unification of Greek and Roman style, has led to speculation as to who the architect of the Pantheon was. At to the top of the dome sits an opening, or oculus, 27 feet in width.

The Pantheon remains a church, and to this day masses and weddings are celebrated. They are 39 feet The height is 43,3 m, identical to its diameter, which means that if there was another identical dome beneath the present one it would make a perfect sphere.

The particular design of the Pantheon, including the unification of Greek and Roman style, has led to speculation as to who the architect of the Pantheon was. Blind windows line the rotunda, probably meant to let light into the extensive network of passageways that are used by maintenance crews.

Hadrian had a strong interest in architecture, and had a love for both Greek and Roman culture. Carved in eastern Egypt, the transport of the columns to the construction site required them to be floated up the Nile River on a barge, through Mediterranean Sea and up the Tiber River.

Rome's Pantheon

At to the top of the dome sits an opening, or oculus, 27 feet in width. Most of the bronze was used to make bombards for the fortification of Castel Sant'Angelowith the remaining amount used by the Apostolic Camera for various other works. Much like today, ancient Rome was multi-cultural.

The Iconic Roman Monument - Pantheon

Roman Pantheon at night, Rome Italy. To this day some members of the Italian monarchist organization watch over the ex-king's tombs even though Italy has been a "Republic" since The wall measures 73 miles in length and stretches from coast to coast across modern-day northern England.

Maria ad Martyres, i. The columns of the Pantheon have prompted a lot of discussion because scholars believe that if the columns had only been 10 Roman feet taller, they would have allowed for continuity between the porch and intermediate block that is lacking in the current structure.

This description was widely accepted until the late 20th century. Having been built between AD, the Pantheon possesses architectural features that were popular during its construction, while also maintaining its own uniqueness.

Buildings Inspired by the Pantheon. Remaining at Rome twelve days he pulled down everything that in ancient times had been made of metal for the ornament of the city, to such an extent that he even stripped off the roof of the church [of the blessed Mary], which at one time was called the Pantheon, and had been founded in honour of all the gods and was now by the consent of the former rulers the place of all the martyrs; and he took away from there the bronze tiles and sent them with all the other ornaments to Constantinople.

Likewise, the the whole interior of the Pantheon would also fit perfectly within a cube feet in diameter. Ziolkowski argues that Lanciani's initial assessment is still supported by all of the finds to date, including theirs; furthermore he expresses skepticism because the building they describe, "a single building composed of a huge pronaos and a circular cella of the same diameter, linked by a relatively narrow and very short passage much thinner than the current intermediate blockhas no known parallels in classical architecture and would go against everything we know of Roman design principles in general and of Augustan architecture in particular.

Originally, the Pantheon would have sat high above street level, with five steep stairs used to reach it. Have you ever wondered what those big bulky rings were around the base of the Pantheon dome.

The walls and floor of the rotunda are decorated with marble and gilt and the domed ceiling contains five rings of 28 rectangular coffers.

The Pantheon you see now is not the Original Pantheon. Hadrian had a strong interest in architecture, and had a love for both Greek and Roman culture.

See you soon in Italy. From our sister company Stefano Rome Tours: Did you know that you could fit a sphere feet in diameter inside the Pantheon and it would fit perfectly.

The main structure is circular with a diameter of 43,3m feetand 6m 19 feet thick walls support the dome which is a perfect half sphere. Serving as the major source of light in the Pantheon, the oculus also allows in rain and snow, setting a different atmosphere throughout the seasons.

The ancient Rome Pantheon remains to this day the best preserved of all ancient Roman buildings and imitations of the Pantheon Architecture exist the world over in the form of. The Pantheon in Rome, Italy should not be confused with the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

Although both were originally temples to gods, the Greek Parthenon temple, atop the Acropolis, was built hundreds of years before the Roman Pantheon temple. The famous monument you are looking at now is the 3rd temple.

The first Pantheon was built by Agrippa between AD, but unfortunately it was destroyed by a fire in 80 AD.

Rome's Pantheon

Watch video · The Pantheon is situated on the site of an earlier structure of the same name, built around 25 B.C.

by statesman Marcus Agrippa, and is thought to. Aug 09,  · The Pantheon in Rome is the Roman monument with the greatest number of records: the best preserved, with the biggest brick dome in the history of architecture and is considered the forerunner of all modern places of worship.5/5(K).

Dec 30,  · It is an incredible Roman monument, and was the highlight of our recent walking tour through the ancient centre.

Pantheon, Rome

Whether you’re obsessed with ancient Rome, or just passing through, the Pantheon is an absolute must. It is just amazing to think that this iconic structure is 69K TripAdvisor reviews.

A report on the roman monument the pantheon
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